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Open Stage / Free admission

The show will have its premiere on Saturday 13 March 00:30 CET (for some it could be Friday Night, as we start 30 minutes after midnight, so be sure of your time zone) on our website, click the button to get to the streaming page.


Galashow / Free admission

The teachers of the festival prepared for you an online show devoted to Golden Era. The show will have its premiere on Sunday 14 March at 1:00 CET on Kan Zaman’s YouTube channel. The link will be presented here once the show is ready. Stay tuned!

Sunday (Saturday night!) 14th March at 1:00 am CET


Golden Era Favourites’ - Watch Party / Free admission

Let’s have a cup of tea or a glass of wine and watch old Golden Era dance clips together. Dancers Basinah, Melissa Gamal, Roshana and Shining will share their favourite clips with you and discuss the beauty of Golden Era. The watch party will be moderated by Badriyah who may sneak in a few of her favourite clips too.

Friday 12th March at 22:30 CET on Zoom or Youtube Channel here.


Golden Era and Modern Times - Discussion / Free admission

Comparing Golden Era of bellydance with modern bellydance, one can come up with thousands of questions. Most of them do not have a simple answer but are worth discussing. Is it necessary to learn about history of Raqs Sharqi? Is studying Golden Era dance important if you are interested in modern and fusion bellydance? Is modern bellydance less artistic and elegant than in Golden Era? What is the difference in appearance of bellydance in media now and then? Shahrzad, Julia Farid, Shruti, and Nisaa will discuss these and other intriguing questions.

Sunday 14th March at 21:00 CET on Zoom or Youtube Channel here.


Online Bellydance Museum Tour

Badriyah is the founder of Online Bellydance Museum based on her expansive collection of over 400 items depicting bellydancers (famous raqs sharqi dancers such as Samia Gamal, Tahia Carioca, and Badia Masabni, awaleem & ghawazee from (mostly) Egypt, and Westernized versions of oriental dancers including Little Egypt, and Salomé) across nearly 300 years. In this tour you will visit a little dance studio of Badriyah and go through the most exciting items in her collection, including signed photograph by Samia Gamal, antique photo of Shafiqa El Koptiya, movie brochures with Tahia Carioca, engraving of Egyptian dancers from 1738 and 1807, or a billboard from the 1950’s with Samia Gamal. This tour is FREE, but please register in advance.

Sunday 14th March at 7:30 CET on Zoom